SDI By Byrna 40MM

BIP 40mm less lethal Round

The BIP 40mm round is a safer and more effective alternative to existing less lethal technology


Spec Sheet


The 40mm BIP is a blunt impact kinetic energy round. The patented technology involves an internal energy absorption system, as well as a collapsible gel head.

This head “mushrooms” upon impact while absorbing a portion of the kinetic energy and dispersing the inertia (causing less injury). Additionally, by spreading the impact of the nose over a larger surface area, greater pain compliance is achieved as more sensory nerves on the target will be stimulated, thus increasing the pain reception.


BIPs have an effective minimal optimal range of 6.6 feet (2m), though are operational at point blank. In independent party Blunt Trauma Testing of several 40mm Impact rounds, the BIP round had the lowest impact force response. The Viscous criterion (VC) was used as an indicator of injury severity, the higher (VC) value the higher the risk of injury. The BIP Peaked at (0.10) while the other rounds peaked at (.012-.097)


The BIP has been designed utilizing ballistic technologies, which allow for consistent in-flight stability throughout an almost flat trajectory. These rounds have repeatedly shown effectiveness and reliability at ranges up to 150 feet (45m)

BIP tr Single-use training round

Simulates the ballistics of the BIP, allowing for cost-effective training and certifcation

  • Allows for training and certification of users with a lower cost per round fired
  • A training mechanism to help enforce compliance and order
  • Training is an important part of the effective use of the BIP
  • Any individual with the authority to use less-lethal force should receive proper training in the use of SDI products

BIP tr reloadable training round

Pre-loaded casings with an aluminium fixture provides for effective re-use

  • Simulates the ballistics of the original BIP with an even lower cost per round than our Single-Use Training Round
  • Available in 50-Shot and 250-Shot Kits