Maximum Stopping Power



Chemical irritants, better known as Tear gas and Pepper powder are used to subdue violent and aggressive individuals worldwide by law enforcement. Byrna has made its products available to the public and they are able to defend themselves, family and their homes.

Byrna Max Projectiles are filled with both Tear gas and Pepper powder and are designed to deliver a payload that temporarily deter or disable individuals by producing sensory irritation.

Immediate effects after exposure:

  • Eyes: excessive tearing, burning, blurred vision, redness
  • Nose: runny nose, burning, swelling
  • Mouth: burning, irritation, difficulty swallowing, drooling
  • Lungs: chest tightness, coughing, choking sensation, wheezing, shortness of breath
  • Skin: burns, rash
  • Other: nausea, vomiting

Immediate effects after exposure:

The chemical irritant projectiles provide an effective threat neutralizing option without deadly consequences. Threats can effectively be deterred, disorientated and incapacitated at stand-off distances. We offer a range of payload options that is made from PEPPER (OC), PAVA (OCII) or TEAR GAS (CS) powders.

Chemical irritant projectiles vs Kinetic Projectiles:

Kinetic (Solid) projectiles in principle inflict blunt trauma, pain and intimidation on individuals, while attempting to limit the chances of death or disability compared to live ammunition. Although its uses are effective, it has a limitation towards violent individuals under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Intoxicated people do not always experience pain in the same way as a sober person. Chemical irritant projectiles not only deliver blunt impact but the chemical irritants reduce the individual’s ability and control to fully use their sensory system for 15 to 20 min.

Furthermore, Byrna Max Projectiles offers the following benefits:

  • No need for direct line of sight. The chemical powder cloud quickly saturates the area after impact. Therefor when irritant projectiles are shot against a hard surface in proximity of an individual hiding, it can have a direct effect.
  • Multiple targets can be affected by the chemical cloud that forms.
  • You can alter the direction of a violent individuals by shooting the ground in front of them.
  • Byrna received reports of dangerous animals being deterred with chemical irritants.
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