Leading the Way
in less-lethal

I am excited to be implementing this less than lethal alternative as a part of our officer’s options in use of force situations. It is our responsibility and obligation, to seek alternatives to deadly force, and to do our best to protect our citizens, while also supporting the safety and well-being of our officers. I truly believe this is a viable alternative that will help my department, as well as many others, bridge the gap of safely gaining compliance when necessary, and rebuilding vital and sustainable relationships with the citizens of our communities. Byrna is the answer we have been seeking.

Constable and NCMA President James Brawner 

Byrna HD+ Launcher

Painted Sights

Breach Indicator

CO2 Location

Picatinny Rail

Ambidextrous Safety

Overmold Grip

5+1 Magazine

incapacitate violent or threatening subjects

Significantly reduce an individual's aggressive behavior.

Byrna Max

Our most powerful proprietary pepper and tear gas blend: OC, CS all in one shot.

Byrna Pepper

One of the most powerful all natural real pepper projectiles on the market, containing 5% OC.

Byrna Kinetic

Byrna HD Kinetic projectiles consist of hard, solid plastic and can be used for practice and self-defense.