Byrna MLR - FA

Byrna MLR - FA

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The MLR™ and MLR-FA™ are powered by a 26 ci / 3000 psi compressed air system that provides up to 200 shots per fill, twice that of most systems. Our patented air-driven feed system indexes the next projectile into the firing chamber with each shot for continuous feed rates of up to 15 rounds per second. This system reduces the risk of projectile jams or breaks due to misfeeds; and eliminates having to “shake” the launcher to maintain adequate feeding.

The MLR™ and MLR-FA™ are equipped with an easy-twist on/off valve with integrated safety vent. Easy to operate, even with gloves, this feature allows launchers to be stored degassed, while reliably deployable within seconds. The safety vent feature bleeds any trapped air from the launcher when turned to the off position, thereby eliminating the risk of an accidental discharge.


LE+PS Kit Includes

  • Patented, air driven, CYCLONE FEED SYSTEM that eliminates jams or dry fires
  • 26cu in HPA tank
  • 200 round capacity hopper
  • Forward mount tank bracket
  • 5 position removable folding stock



  • Target range: 66 ft. (20m)
  • Area saturation: 175 ft. (53m)
  • Muzzle velocity: 300+fps,
  • Full Auto Version shoots 15 rounds per second
  • Mechanical Safety Switch